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Anneke's Kitchen

I'm a kitchen geek, food junkie & sambal addict. I've always been a food lover since the day I got to know my first solid food. U can ask my Mom about it :D.  Especially when it comes to exotic dishes from Asia, Suriname, Marocco, Mexico, Middle easterns, etc. Dishes that are burst with flavor and make a party in my mouth. I'm also a health concern and weight watcher like any other women out there.... I cook my foods from scratch & use as much as I possibly can organic products, no refined sugar, NO MSG/ vetsin, no store bought mix sauces.
Name healthy food ingredients out there and u can find them easily in my kitchen and dishes. I eat and serve cooked foods, raw foods, vegetarian foods, vegan foods, fish and sometimes chicken or beef. I learn everyday for any related food news or trends out there. Believe me, I'll read, listen, follow, experiment and do a little research about it. I believe a lot of things should be balance in life. So I don't belong in any certain diet group just for the sake of trends. When I cook, I devoted myself truly in the kitchen with love and I love to share my foods with u, make u happy and love my foods too :)


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Anneke's Kitchen

Texel Culinair

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Texelculinair vindt plaats in de Koog op 8-9-10 September 2017

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